Brett's Code + Stuff

Python two field checksum checker

Simple GUI that checks two fields

Python D&D battle tracker

Hitpoints, saving throws for D&D 5th edition

Python logic puzzle

Logic exercise for how a farmer can get a goose, a fox and a bag of corn across a river.

Python D&D multi choice dice roller

Select from a choice of dice and an amount, save your selections and roll the chosen dice.

Python NES catalog database

Enter, update, delete and see all records for the NES entertainment system. Records can be entered under the fields of name, category and date.

Lua fantasy name generator app

Two field random name generator app built in Lua in Google Play.

NES 72 pin replacement guide

Instructable post on how to take apart and replace the pin connector for the NES

Cadfael educational website

Website about the mystery solving monk, Cadfael.

1066 educational website

Website about the Norman Invasion of 1066.

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I'm Brett Osteen.

MS, CCENT. I like tinkering with code and the Raspberry Pii. To the left you can check out some of the things I have done.