The murder mystery solving monk.

In the Dark Ages in England, a man at forty becomes a monk at the abbey of Shrewbsury.

After travelling across Italy, Spain and the Holy Land, and having seen his share of fighting, Cadfael is looking forward to having a more peaceful vocation. The abbey Cadfael enters is the Abbey of St Peter and St Paul, founded in 1083, which lays outside the eastern gate of Shrewsbury.

He enters as a non-ordained monk with no official function, which suits his purposes just fine. His knowledge of herbs, picked up from his foreign adventures, allows him to be in charge of the herbarium and gardens.

It is not long before his skills as a healer and his inquisitive mind is turned toward the solving of murder, which the unravelling of forms the basis of most of the Chronicles of Cadfael.

Cadfael as played by Derek Jacobi on the television series.