guess-the-number-game @ github

Classic guess the number game, set in a tavern.

import random

print('The Bartenders Game v1.0\n')

print('''The bartender looks up as you come in. 'Ere, want to play a 
game? I call it guess the mug the ball is in. Probably need a shorter 

print('''The bartender places a ball under a mug, puts down three other
mugs, and moves them around too fast for you to follow. 'So, what glass 
is the ball under? 1, 2, 3, or 4? Give you two tries!''')

def game():
    guesses =2
    number = random.randint(1,4)
    play_game= True
    while play_game == True:
        choice = input('\nI choose...')
        choice = int(choice)
        if choice == number and guesses != 0:
            print("'Well, you won.' The bartender looks puzzled at" 
        ' this. Have a drink on me.')
        elif choice != number and guesses != 0:
            guesses -= 1
            print("'Fraid not. Try again.")
        elif choice != number and guesses == 0:
            print('"Too bad there mate. Have a drink on me"')
play_game = True

while play_game == True:
    play_again = input('Play again? (Y)es or (N)o?')
    if play_again.lower() == 'y':
    elif play_again.lower() == 'n':