Legend of Kyrandia


The Legend of Kyrandia is perhaps the prettiest, for its time, puzzle game I have ever played. In the magical island of Kyrandia, Malcom, the evil Jester, has escaped his confinement in Castle Kyrandia and is making a nuisance of himself, including killing off your uncle, one time leader of the Royal Mystics.  Now it’s up to Brandon, your hero, to stop him and fulfill your destiny as ruler of Kyrandia.

Playing Brandon, you make your way for the most part through lush ferrets, unraveling puzzles involving different colored gems, rope bridges that are cut, and for a terrifying time, finding your way through a series of nearly pitch black caves. The scenery is beautiful. The music is also memorable, changing with each level of forest you clear. Along the way you meet a few people who try to help you on your way to powering up our magical amulet, the only weapon you have against Malcom.

I always found the game to highly evocative. Searching in the forests, exploring the grim castle of Kyrandia, coated in layers of dust, with the gorgeous music playing in the background made it memorable. It was also memorable as being highly frustrating, as I would get reduced down to ‘screen scanning’, or clicking on every part of the screen in the hope it does something AS I JUST WANT TO MOVE ON YOU STUPID FLOPPY DISK GAME!

Still, despite that, it remains on my list of all-time favourite games. I tried playing it again recently, and though should know the answer, I still got stuck. Good job Kyrandia. Hopefully I’ll figure it out. The only other thing left to do is bottle the music and have in playing in my background when Im out exploring lush forest.


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