Quest for Glory V


Quest for Glory V is the last in the series of the Quest for Glory games, the famous RPG adventures. In this game, you are sent out to the land of Silmaria, a Greek themed collection of islands, where you enter the competition, the Rites of Rulership, whose winner will be crowned the king of Silmaria  as the last king was unfortunate murdered. Not all will go smoothly however, as there are even bigger troubles afoot, with evil plots and a dragon breaking free from stone pillars that were keeping magically powered down.

There are some interesting places you can go to. Because of its Greek theme, you get to run into the popular Greek myths, such as the Pegasus, Cerberus, and you even go to hell! Or Hades, rather. My favorite I think was Hades, as it was nicely done with the River Styx.

True to the previous games, you get to meet a random series of colorful characters, such as a bull for a trainer, including plenty of people from your past, such as Rakeesh the Liontaur. Some of the conversations are almost hypnotizing, even though the subject matter is prosaic. Being talked to by Wolfy, the Grecian Urn seller, almost puts me into a trance for some reason.

Combat is a bit blah, as it consists of clicking on the emery repeatedly. It’s satisfying if you’re the magic user as long as your don’t run out of manna, being able to throw fire and ice balls at your enemy while if thye don’t have ranged weapons remaining unscathed.

Overall, the game is good, but it’s lacking something. A certain atmosphere? The graphics are technically better, but can be a bit blocky sometimes, as the camera pans in and out automatically. I think I had more fun when the screen images were ‘flatter.’  Im not sure what it is, but its still worth trying out.


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