Screamer is a straightforward racing game, where your get to choose some late 80’s era looking cars to race down a variety of tracks scattered across the world, in single mode or in a championship. This had to have been the first racing game I ever played, and I was pretty entranced at the first time. Going around the corners, avoiding other cars, it was almost hypnotic in trying to get the smoothest ride possible. Or, if I was feeling more deadly, would happily bump into other cars in order to get into the lead.

Music is so-so, kind of an ugly guitar plays in the background. Controls are pretty good, and are not over sensitive or under powered. You get a pretty good choice of car, and can choose the easier start and go automatic, or the more cerebral manual.  Collisions are handled reasonably. You do bounce off other cars and can be bumped off the road, but you take no damage though, so that can lend a bumper car mentality to the game. They did put some effort into the background, its not just a series of random buildings. Planes fly overhead, trams pass you by, which all makes it more interesting as your racing. If you’ve got five minutes, you play three laps of Screamer.

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