Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital

Electronic Arts

Theme Hospital is a simulation game where you take charge of building the best hospital you can build. Eh I know it’s not a goal you would usually associate yourself with wanting. So in this game you get placed in charge of four walls and not much else and it’s your job as hospital administrator to build the waiting room, doctors’ offices, and surgery rooms. Then, you get to hire the staff and manage them in their day to day rounds, with the ultimate objective to make money, so you can pass the level and move on to building an even more spectacular hospital.

Managing morale is an important task, and you’ll need to make sure your staff gets plenty of breaks, and that they have somewhere fun to go to relax. Likewise your patients also need managing, as they don’t like to be kept waiting for long periods of time. The diseases are ‘fun’ diseases, such as bloated head, where a patient will literally have a bloated head. I found getting to do the designing can be a fun part, as you get to place the individual rooms, as well as hallway furniture such as vending machines. Like a lot of simulation games, once you get a lot going you have to trust in your skills as an administrator that everything is going to function more or less until you look at it again. You are helped by faxes that appear along the bottom left, that let you decide what should be done if you need to research a cure for example.

The only irritating part is the tannoy voice, announcing that a doctor should go to a room, and it gets a little grating. Likewise the fun diseases, while semi amusing, are not like a laugh out loud moment. For a minor gripe that’s not the games fault, one thing I never quite understood was why the hospital was charging money or even why money was such a focus, but that can put down to living with universal healthcare.

It’s no Theme Park, which is a fun game, as everyone wants to build an amusement park, but it’s interesting to check out.


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